How To Influence Your Market

Jul 01, 2018

In this week's training we’re talking about how to influence your market.

If you’re not familiar with our story, we've been doing digital marketing, small business coaching, and consulting for a few years now. In this episode we want to share with you our lessons learned from launching a new brand, launching a couple of new podcasts, and how we’re doing it all while serving our clients and our community.

 So today we want to talk about how to influence your market.

You’ve probably heard before from people like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson say something like, “Hey, what business are you in?”

This is a question they ask their students often... “What business are you in?” You might answer with something like, “Well, I am a real estate broker,” or “I'm a fitness instructor,” or “I'm in promotional items.” Whatever it is you do, that's what you would say. Right? Well, of course.

But these gurus would tell you that you’re not entirely correct. They would tell you that you’re actually in the entertainment business. In fact, everyone is in the entertainment business! Our job, just like entertainers we see on TV or in YouTube, is to capture the attention of our audience and customers. Our job is to get them to look our way.

The reason we follow and love them so much is because these gurus are entertainers first… They make us laugh, and they make us cry. They tell us stories that take us back to our childhood. They uplift us, they guide us in seeing our own future and the dreams that we want to reach. And in the end, that's all they do. They're entertainers that inspire us, teach us, and move us to action.

However, there’s more to it than just entertainment. There's a formula to it.

I think sometimes it's good to remember the fact that we are all in the entertainment business and we're all just trying to gain attention… and what better way of doing that than just being yourself.

Be the authentic self that entertains... I'm not asking you to be a comedian. I’m simply asking you to bring the best parts of you out for others to enjoy. Or bring out the best parts of your brand that are fun, that are energetic, that are engaging and that we all like to be a part of.

Think of a concert… We love concerts because they involve us in emotions and they entertain us and we get swept away for a couple of hours before coming back to reality with renewed perspective.  

So there's a formula, and here it is. It’s quite an easy one, too. 

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Empower

That's how we get to influence our market, little by little, every single day with the three “E’s.”

We’ve already discussed the first “E” for Entertainment. Let’s explore the other two “E’s.”

I believe most of us usually default to the second “E” … Education. When we put a heavy focus on this “E” and not enough attention on the other ones, we run the risk of coming off as “sales-y” or as too eager to tell others about your projects, your products, and your services.

I believe the best thing to do is flip it around. Use that old adage that says “WIIFM” or “What's In It For Me”… However, flip it around and instead say, “What's In It For Them.” Whenever you're entertaining and educating, think of this:

1. Why anyone listening to me right now would care about what I’m communicating to them?

2. Why would they stop and pay attention to what I am doing, promoting or selling?

I think that focusing on the Entertainment and the Education into anything you do will get people to pay attention to you. People will be more interested in you. And they will start liking you more. And then they'll start knowing you more. And then they'll start trusting you more. Does that sound familiar to something that you've heard before in marketing? If not, then remember this: People buy from those whom they know, like, and trust. So when you entertain and educate, that's what's going to start happening for you.

The last “E” is for Empower. The human condition will always supersede anything else that is happening in the world, or in marketing, or in sales. We need to empower and we need to give people hope. We want to make sure that we reach down, grab their heart, and speak to that heart… Engage their minds. Engage their spirit. Uplift them and make sure you tell them that everything's going to be okay because that's what it's all about. We all live for hope, and we all live for the big dream!

In reviewing the 3 E's (Entertain, Educate, Empower), I'd like you to remind of what you’ve just learned here today and take it back to your business. Or take this back to your life and to your family. In all aspects of your life, take those 3 “E’s” and ask yourself:

1. Am I entertaining enough?

2. Am I educating enough?

3. Am I empowering anyone?

These are very important questions that we need to ask ourselves, and ask the people around us, and the people in our businesses. If we're not doing it, then we need to ask ourselves:

1. Why are we not entertaining?

2. Why are we not educating?

3. Why are we not empowering those around us and those in our business?

And lastly, I want you to ask yourself what would happen if:

1. We started entertaining more?

2.  We started educating more?

3. We started empowering those around us just a bit more?

These are important questions, and I think we all need to be asking ourselves a little bit more of that every single day.

So that my friends is how you influence your market.

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