The Purpose of Facebook Pages

Jan 01, 2018

Ok here we go, so today we have a question from Amanda in Minneapolis. She writes, "Hi Leo, I'm just starting an internship at a swanky advertising agency here in the Twin Cities. I just left high school and my peer group don’t care much for Facebook. However, I know it is an important social media platform that I should be on as I move into the real world away from school and I want to make sure I do it right. Please help.

 What a perrrrfect question Amanda! You know why? You are the farthest away as you could possibly get from Debbie, our show avatar here at Reach Millions Online™. However, you have just asked me a question central to one of the keys for success in social media. How to use Facebook pages correctly. And hey, this question may cause me some flack with our listeners Amanda, but in my consulting experience these past couple of years, I think it’s worth dedicating a teeny short episode to setting the record straight. So, let’s jump right into it. 

So, back in the day Facebook allowed you the opportunity to have a profile page for you to connect with friends and say whatever you wanted to the world. In your feed or on your timeline you could read every single post made by everyone that was then your friend. Life was great! Then Facebook pages came along and now we needed to make a decision. Well, the first question was, what the heck is a page and why do I need one? Once we figured out that your profile was where you had your friends and pages were for everything else, then we were cooking with gas. OK, cool.

Then came more types of pages, and then came advertising, and then came more people that didn’t know what I’ve just discussed here with you, as evident by Amanda’s question at the beginning of the show. In the end, this is what I’m seeing mostly done incorrectly on Facebook nowadays: people, and especially business owners, are constantly posting social updates to the wrong profiles. What does that mean? In short, they’re commingling personal and business updates on social media accounts. 

What’s the big deal, right? Why should you care about this at all? Well, here’s the deal. My mantra for social media nowadays is Establish Your Presence, Engage Your Audience, and Promote Your Business. That’s it. With that in mind, if you post business information onto your personal profile, your friends are not going to be so happy with you over time.

They’ll skip right over your posts because it’s kinda of annoying and it will leave you wondering “why isn’t anyone liking my posts.” Well, first of all Facebook will suppress your posts via their smart algorithms that know your post is inappropriate for the channel, so to speak, and and secondly the update is not of interest to people right there and then because it is not relevant information; is not what they, the user, wants to see at that moment.

The cure: Post business things on business pages and personal things on friends pages. This is the fast path to avoid being that person that doesn't know the rules.

As an example, this is what we do here at RMO™. Your humble servant has a regular friends profile on Facebook. I also have a Public Figure page, and we have the RMO™ group page. The purpose is very simple: I post friend stuff to my friend profile, I post leadership quotes and other motivational things on my Public Figure page, and on RMO we post updates on the podcast, shout outs to our clients, and basically anything that’s directly related to the audience of the business.

Being disciplined about this practice allows me to Establish a Presence in the right place, Engage an Audience with relevant messaging that they are interested in, and I Promote the Business to the right people thats engaged with us via the correct messaging and channel (i.e.; Facebook page) whenever we run campaigns. I hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t, I'll wait for your feedback and we’ll re-attack it on another episode to make sure we’re crystal clear on this. I want to make sure everyone gets understands it.

ok, so this is not only a Facebook thing. Obviously, every other social media platform has similar architecture as they allow you to have a profile page for your friends and other "non-friend pages” to do everything else. Some platforms may not explicitly break it down in that fashion, but it’s always good practice to post updates in a way that allows you to Establish a relevant Presence, Engage a hungry Audience, and allows you Promote Your Business to the right people.


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