Why is it Better to Procrastinate

Jun 01, 2018

It's great to be with you once again on this episode. Today we're going to talk about why is it better to procrastinate and yes, I'm being completely serious about this. I want to talk about this topic because it is something I never thought would be coming out of my mouth. I'm usually the action guy, the one who wants to get things done and drive and go forward and accomplish great things.

But I've learned quite a bit since launching our new brand, and our new video and audio podcasts, and I wanted to share with you a little bit of a post-launch update on how things are going and what lessons learned I can impart onto you so you can make things better in your business.

I didn't want to keep the secrets all to myself because what good is that, right? Karma baby…you have to circulate what you know to make sure everyone learns, and we are all able to increase our level of consciousness at the same time.

So it's been several years now where I have been attending multiple conferences throughout the country and abroad on personal development and digital marketing, and along the way, many a high-level trainer and speaker have taught me all kinds of things but one of them that I've heard over and over again is this idea of doing just “one thing.” Pick the “one thing” that you're really good at (or want to be good at) and then just stay there for a while, and after making sure you become very proficient in that “one thing” then you move on to the next thing. Pretty basic, right?

So, I thought I was doing exactly that all this time. We launched this new brand with the podcast and everything while serving clients, as well. I was thinking that I had picked the “one thing:” Digital Marketing. But at the same time, we made a decision that while digging into the digital marketing vertical, we’d also broaden that vertical. I’ll explain: We're a full service agency for our clients. We also have a full-on social media platform where we have to engage with people, plus we have our podcasts, emails, and advertising, among other commitments. So, all this stuff that I thought was “one thing”, it was actually 6 things to manage in one vertical, all at the same time.

Needless to say, I was a little bit overwhelmed at the beginning, trying to find people who can help us manage all of that. Now it's all under control but for a while I was thinking, “Man, what the heck did we do?” This thing just blew up in my face and now I have to find a way to lead it, and manage it, and stay ahead of it. I immediately thought of you because the same situation could probably be happening to you right now, or you're about to embark on a big project of launching a big brand and do great things out there and I wanted to impart some of our lessons learned onto you to help you avoid some of the pain we have experienced as part of running a tight brand.

So that's why I'm saying to you today that sometimes it's better to procrastinate on some things.

Out of all of our experiences, I want to share 2 specific lessons that are exquisitely overwhelming:

#1: Your Website: Most websites are not very good, are not mobile responsive, and they're not clear. I've dedicated myself to studying all those sites, and after extensive research I said to myself: “My website's going to be better, super professional. It's going to be custom made.” And we did just that... Check out our website at www.leomelendez.com … you're going to see it's an excellent website.

It has awesome explainer videos. It has great testimonials, it has a blog, it has a video podcast, it's got like everything that you could ever wanted on a website for an agency or for a consultant.

But while all that is great, it also comes at a very high cost. It comes with a time cost, and it comes with with a dollar cost. So instead of you going and spending thousands of dollars on a custom-made website right now, assess where you are in your business and determine if now is the time to spend thousands of dollars on a custom-made website. Go look at our site so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about and see where you are against our custom-made site. Maybe you need to improve your website, and that’s ok… But I don’t want you to do is spend thousands of dollars on something that could potentially be a waste of time and money for your business.

A good alternative to a full-on website is to have a good landing page. Google “landing pages.” You're going to find several companies that offer different services. You can actually create your website on a landing page. If you have no website or if your website is kind of yucky right now, you can probably go to either Leadpages.net or Clickfunnels.com. They have a good product out there to help people to create landing pages and funnels on.

#2: Social Media: There are lots of social media experts out there that want to teach you to pump out content and help you to do all of that. But the reality is that it's just too much stuff to keep up with. Social media changes at the rapid fire every single day. And everybody wants a social media presence, right? The easier ones are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

You can keep up with these pretty easily. But once you start crossing into the visual world, like Pinterest and Instagram, then your job gets a little more complicated. Especially when people start sending you comments, and liking your posts, and writing, and want to engage with you. It becomes rapidly overwhelming, not only the engagement part but the posting… feeding the beast, if you will. In our business we had to hire a Social Media Community Manager very fast to help us wrangle that snake, if you will.

I wanted to share these 2 lessons learned with you in case you have dreams of having a great website and growing a social media platform.

Remember to go deep in one channel first (ie: Facebook). Become really good in that channel, do the advertising, and just master that platform and once you got it, or your team's got it, maybe you can move on to the next, like Twitter. Then master Twitter, get the hang of it, and once you got it down, then you go to LinkedIn, or Google+. You get the hang of it.

So that's it, I just wanted to chat with you today about this topic because I think it is important for your business and your profitability. I think it will save you money and time. And it will keep your sanity.

That's why it's sometimes better to procrastinate.

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