How I help you.

Let’s clear the runway for your success. Bold clarity. Fast implementation. Confident action.

How I do it.

Bring your most audacious goal. Your toughest challenge.

We’ll get it done together. 

You will have complete access to my time and tools: Blueprint. Roadmap. Contacts. Strategy.

What is it?

An intensely focused, completely personalized solution. POWER DAYS is built around working, planning and deploying--directly with me. Whatever it takes, we’ll get you to your goal.

Based on our shared vision for the future of your project, I’ll be your hired gun, mentor and tactical specialist on the path to success.


What I do for you.

POWER DAYS is a powerful solution designed to help you:

  • Launch new streams of income.
  • Create a customer acquisition plan.
  • Monetize your subscribers.
  • Create your LeanStack.
  • Design your Marketing Plan.

The POWER DAYS structure has been developed for entrepreneurs with a business on the brink of change.



Take your sales conversations online.

With the efficient use of People, Information and Automation, we help your business focus on:

* Spending less time on problems and putting out fires.

* Create more time to increase predictable revenue.

* Discovering opportunities that increase your authority and influence

* Entering new markets.

* Taking control of your financial, career and creative destiny.

I’m in the business of figuring out where the money is. Specifically, your money.

The sole reason my clients call is to discover and rapidly launch new revenue streams. I get my kicks from finding the untapped financial potential in your business and taking a guerilla approach to any strategic challenge that comes up along the way.

I work fast. I work gritty.

I am led by a heart for people.

Helping others reach their highest potential through business success is the greatest joy of my life.

There are consultants who help you find your voice.

There are mentors who help you unlock your inner power.

There are coaches who help connect you to your core motivation.

...I am all of those, plus I will help you make more money and rapidly get things done.



eCommerce Launch

  • Book Publishing
  • Launch Strategy
  • Email Marketing

Business Coaching

  • Launching New Business
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Content Marketing Plan

Business Strategy

  • Funnel Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Business Coaching

Business Coaching

  • Package Optimization
  • Productivity Streamlining
  • Clarity Sessions