Meet Leo...

LEO MELENDEZ is an award-winning leadership speaker, executive business coach, certified digital marketing strategist and a former military fighter pilot with a Bachelor's Degree in International Business and a Master's Degree in Leadership Studies.

He's been an active leader of people since joining the Marines in 1996, and has dedicated his life to teaching and coaching leaders full-time as a personal and professional development trainer since leaving military service in 2014.


Leo is a 22 year veteran of thriving in high-pressure environments.

He has worked in the most dangerous places on the planet, and with the most demanding executives and entrepreneurs to deliver high-quality results.


Leo chased his dreams from the streets of Puerto Rico into the cockpit of an F/A-18 as a fighter pilot, and later as an Intelligence and Operations Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

After his last military deployment, a family crisis pushed him into figuring out how to earn a living online while caring for his sick mother.

In the staggering vacuum of “...what now?” at the end of his last tour of duty, his struggles inspired him to pursue entrepreneurship with the same intensity that propelled his elite military career.


Now, Leo Melendez is an emerging leader in the topics of marketing and motivation.

Everything he creates is designed to inspire emerging leaders to seek opportunities beyond what is visible.

He teaches the advanced techniques of creating lasting change, building sustainable success in the digital economy and getting stuff done.

The common thread in all of his work is removing fear to make way for meaningful change.


After a period of exponential success in his online ventures, the calls started coming in.

“Your story is inspiring. I’d love to change my life too. We want new possibilities in our business.

Can you show me how what you know can help me achieve my dreams?” Leo rapidly discovered a new opportunity to serve and improve people’s lives as a motivational speaker and leadership trainer.


From a life of struggle to leading hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide on a demonstrated path of online success--Leo is currently working to scale the impact of his message.

His passion is sharing what amazing heights are attainable when we deal with our fear and take decisive action.

He has dedicated his life to helping people on the brink of success become the leaders that they see within themselves.


Every message Leo offers through online media, speeches, digital products and live training seminars comes from one steadfast belief: the world needs more courageous leaders that are ready, willing, and able to create lasting change in their communities. Wold you be the next one?