Why You Need Digital Products

Oct 01, 2017

I’m often asked, "Leo, why do I need products?"

The simple answer is “so you can help more people, create additional revenue streams, and extend your brand.” Plus, people need simple packaged solutions now so they can trust you in helping them solve their bigger problems later.

What is a product? A product is a physical or digital solution to a problem you solve.  This simple definition helps me understand that products are not the box and the books and the paper and...

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What is an Authority Platform?

Sep 01, 2017

What the heck is an Authority Platform? Simple. It’s your very own soapbox. Your platform is important because it’s a way of intentionally designing a space where you can be seen and heard by the right people at the right time.

It is key for the right people to see you and hear you so they can buy your products, hire you, take your courses and be your brand advocates.

All this even amidst the increasingly noisy marketing space. This is why it is important to build and grow your...

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Welcome to the Show!

Aug 01, 2017

Welcome to the Show!

Our mission is to move your sales conversations online where you can have 1-on-1 conversations at scale using Facebook tools. 

Our online training courses, workshops and consulting programs are designed to help you grow your business from anywhere using digital marketing.

We are committed to helping you bridge the gap between offline and online marketing so you can keep doing what you do best and make the Internet work for you.

What is...

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